About Gumleaf USA

These days, quality is often forsaken for price. That’s why we chose to introduce Gumleaf boots to the United States. We start with innovative designs that blend form and function to provide outstanding comfort, fit, durability, and style.

Only the finest quality materials are used by our European bench-craftsmen who hand-make each pair of boots just as they have done since 1937. No detail, from gussets to trim to straps, is overlooked.

And when our boots pass inspection we treat them with respect, right down to the airbags that preserve their shape, the individual wrapping in tissue paper, and the double-box shipping across the sea.

An artisan-created, hand-crafted experience begins when Gumleaf boots arrive at your home and you slip them on your feet.

Gumleaf USA. Innovative features, impeccable quality and an affordable price.

Equestrian Boots
Farm Boots
Forestry Boots
Lawn and Landscape Boots
Stylish Women's Rubber Boots
Surveyors Boots
Upland Hunting Boots
Wingshooting Boots

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