Boots for Alaskan Winters

Heads up to our friends in Alaska!  GumleafUSA has been receiving inquiries from our 49th State from folks seeking a superior boot for the coming season.  Our boots are made using 85% natural rubber (not plastics or synthetics) so they’ll provide years of service even in harsh environmental conditions.  Most styles use a neoprene lining that’s a full 4 mm thick which includes the insole stitched right into the bottom of the boot (and won’t come out of the boot when you take your foot out!).  That means your feet are essentially surrounded by a 4 mm neoprene socks for warmth.  No boot anywhere will compare to the comfort designed into a Gumleaf boot.  Warmth. Comfort. Durability.  Our boots are seemingly made for Alaskan winters.  Now if we could only get a bit of snow here in Western New York..

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