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Natural Rubber Provides Protection While:

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Deer Hunting

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Traversing the Forest

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Conserving Wildlife

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Planting Food Plots

Stay Dry & Comfortable

You’ve planted and maintained a food plot.  You’ve studied maps and positioned trail cameras. You’ve studied their movements and eating habits from your truck.  Your tree stand is hung in the perfect position to take that big buck.  Throughout all this preparation, a boot that will keep your feet comfortable, warm and dry can’t be overlooked.  Welcome to the world of Gumleaf USA! Come rain or snow, warm or cold temperatures, pre-season or opening day, we’ve got the most comfortable tall rubber boots on the planet.  Whether you’re hunting with bow or gun, public or private land, chase us down. You favorite pair of hunting boot are waiting for you!

Upland Hunting Boots That Go The Distance
Boots for Upland Hunting Montage

Rut did you say!!?

We at GumleafUSA support your passion for the outdoors and the thrill of the hunt. Produced using 85% natural rubber, our 100% waterproof boots are made for getting back into the serene silence of the woods.  Soft rubber, air-filled chambers under the heel cushions every step while scouting and back to your stand. Our non-slip sole has a deep tread for maximum grip and shreds mud, making sure that once you’re dragging out that big buck, you can make it back to the truck.

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We offer a range of Gumleaf USA styles that will fit any budget and make you the envy of all your hunting buds.  Whether you punch the tag or watch as that big buck stays just out of range, the happiest hunter will return to camp with comfortable and dry feet!  So choose your Gumleaf USA boot and let’s go!!

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Upland Hunting Boots with Zipper
Royal Zip $350.00
Light Upland Hunting Boots Cotton Lined in Forest Green
Field Welly $240.00
Forest Green Upland Hunting Boots with Gusset
Viking $300.00
Neoprene Lined Upland Hunting Boots in Hunter Green
Saxon Classic $250.00

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