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The Hunting Dog Podcast is all about the hunting dog because dog people are our people. We love the conversations before, during, and especially after a hunt.  Learning about new places, terrain, or local hunting styles has meant as much to us as the hunt itself.  This podcast is an ever-growing diary of our life experiences with dogs and friends, some which are old, some which have passed on, and those that we have yet to meet.
Project Upland is a film and literary initiative to capture the cultures and traditions of upland bird hunting. We seek to inspire a future generation of upland bird hunters to understand the essence of hunting traditions and the critical cause for conservation.

John is a master bow hunter who has taken dozens of trophy whitetails over the years while hunting highly pressured lands throughout his home state and other destinations. Via multiple media including books,  DVD, seminars and now YouTube, John takes hunters step-by-step through his process and strategies for researching, scouting, preparing and hunting mature bucks on highly pressured land.  John relies solely on his scouting and time-tested strategies to get within bow range of mature bucks year after year.  He has over 50 record-book bucks from within and outside of Michigan.

Dixie Decoys® provides sportsmen, thirsting to connect with their heritage, with historically-influenced decoys and apparel combined with the inspiration to create the memories that preserve their traditions.

Pro Plan® is the trusted food of champions. From a breakthrough formula that helps older dogs think like they did when they were younger, to advanced nutrition that fuels canine athletes, Pro Plan offers exceptional formulas to nourish your dog’s potential.
Deer Hunter Podcast is a new venture for me and it will be a work in progress. As a blue collar plumber out of Detroit Michigan, a lot of this new digital platform is very much uncharted territory. This podcast and blog will encompass a lot of different aspects of the deer hunting world. As nothing more than an average blue collar family man, I am going to do my best at providing very unpolished – down to earth – deer hunting content. With a strong anchor on hunting pressured whitetails in the big wood of Northern Michigan, I will be covering all and anything that is deer hunting. I am not a bow hunter or a gun hunter. Just simply a deer hunter. I enjoy different aspects of hunting with every thing from a traditional long bow to a high powered rifle throughout Michigan’s entire whitetail season.
Chase Nation is a commercial-free unscripted adventure series featuring a cast of working class individuals on hunts that take place on public land and small acre private.
Connecting public land whitetail hunters through our common interest. Where To Hunt is a one of a kind LIVE Listener Call-In Show airing every Tuesday via Facebook and YouTube at 7 PM CSD.
Welcome to the Great Lakes Fly Fishing Company, a fly shop that combines old school customer service and education with modern fly tackle and techniques…
Our shop, located in Rockford, Michigan features both cutting edge fly tackle, as well as a taste of the past, by offering vintage and used gear. Staffed by anglers who have fished world-wide in both fresh and saltwater, who not only are talented fisherman and fly tyers, but educators as well. We strive to help you find success on your favorite piece of water.
Nature nerds rejoice! The Field Guides is a monthly podcast that will bring you out on the trail, focusing on the science of our North American wildlife.
The Whitetail Experience are a group of guys set out to represent the average joe in the hunting industry. We hunt public land with some small pieces of private land.
Whether guiding clients for grouse and woodcock in Michigan, Virginia, or his home state of North Carolina, Stephen Faust is at home behind his string of finished Gordon setters. His has been a nearly 40-year obsession with birds as wild and unpredictable as the terrain in which they live. It’s also been the endless pursuit for the perfect dog, that one-in-a-lifetime setter that brings immeasurable joy and pleasure whether the bells rings or the clapper’s stop.
For more than 28 years, QES Solutions has been a trusted source for quality representation and manufacturing support services. We are an ISO 9001:2015-Certified, ITAR-Registered, and 100% woman-owned business. Headquartered in Rochester, NY, we serve manufacturers and suppliers throughout North America by providing services such as precision measurement, kitting and light assembly, custom warehouse solutions, as well as Quality Representation support across North America.
Steve Greger has been designing and constructing knives for years.  Greger Gear knives are made of the highest quality materials with a detailed focus on form and function.  The knives are not mass produced rather, they are crafted by hand, one at a time, with a focus on quality.  Greger Gear knives are high quality, attractive, handmade knives that are patterned after age-old, proven designs and are purpose built to be multi-functional, reliable tools both in the field as well as at home; whenever a good knife is needed.
Truth From the Stand deer hunting podcast is a weekly podcast delivering deer hunting strategies. We focus on every aspect of deer hunting, from food plots to hunting high pressure public lands and DIY mobile hunting. Good luck this season!

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