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Our carbon-neutral factory operates under REACH principals so Gumleaf boots contain NO formaldehyde, lead, phthalates, or PVC.

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No Formaldehyde

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No Lead

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No Phthalates

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Our Green Roots

Gumleaf boots come from a farming background where Wellington boots are a necessity, not an option.  All-day comfort is vital:  you need to look forward to putting your boots on every day.  Many other professions and hobbies share the same need.  Quantifying “comfort” is a challenge best addressed by taking your first step in a Gumleaf boot.  Our “green energy” factory – friendly to air, water and the land – ties back to our farming roots.

Upland Hunting Boots That Go The Distance

ISO 14000 Certified

The ISO 14000 certified factory is carbon neutral, runs on steam (not petrochemicals) and recycles rubber leftover from production.

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Upland Hunting Boots with Zipper
Royal Zip
Forest Green Upland Hunting Boots with Gusset

Viking Neo

Neoprene Lined Upland Hunting Boots in Hunter Green
Saxon Classic
Light Upland Hunting Boots Cotton Lined in Forest Green
Field Welly
Neoprene Lined Upland Hunting Boots in Hunter Green

Viking Tex

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