The Viking Neo for Men and Women

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Outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen with wider calves will appreciate the roominess of the Viking boot. The Viking is also great for people who need extra room for under-layers and thick socks. The expandable vent in the boot shaft accommodates up to 21-inches in circumference. This keeps the Viking looking neat, stylish and discreet while also allowing extra room for tucking in pant legs. Great for duck, deer, bird and turkey hunters, early season and ice fishing, dog trainers, horseback riders, and workmen.

  • 85% natural rubber resists cracking
  • Expandable top gusset is 100% waterproof
  • Accommodates up to 21″ calf circumference
  • 4mm neoprene lining in the upper for comfort and warmth with excellent ankle support
  • Stitched in 5mm neoprene footbed stays put when removing boots
  • Air-cushioned heel and forefoot add comfort
  • High-performance, non-slip, custom Vibram sole with all-terrain grip
  • Natural rubber provides better grip in slippery conditions
  • Oil resistant
  • Adjustable canvas stop strap for the perfect fit
  • Dark green with brown trim
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6 reviews for The Viking Neo for Men and Women

  1. Michael Montini (verified owner)

    Best hunting rubber boots you can buy! Insanely comfortable. Walking is so soft compared to competing hunting boots. I do not have big calves, but wanted room to tuck in my pants and with the adjustable gusset these worked perfect. Aggressive sole so it bites well into every terrain. Also, a snug fit around the ankle and foot. Much morso than my other big name rubber boots. And most of all, I have to give a massive shout-out to Jack, the owner of gumleafusa. An absolute gentleman by all accounts. These are the kinds of brands and people we need to be supporting. I know they’re pricy especially for a rubber boot, but I know it’s going to last me years.

  2. Adam Rajala

    Excellent boots. I’ve hunted grouse and woodcock in these boots and was very impressed with there durability and comfort.

  3. Jack

    An 11 1/2 (EU45) is available now in selected styles. Thanks for your review, Rich!
    Gumleaf USA

  4. Rich H.

    I’ve had these boots for a month and taken them upland bird hunting 6 or 7 times, going at least 5 miles each time. Although I’ve hunted in temps over 70 degrees I’ve yet to find the need to take these off at midday due to the unexpected benefit of them being exceptional ‘briar boots’ compared to the normal upland boot I’ve historically worn. I’ve not had them in truly frigid conditions yet, but they’ve handled wet 25 degree weather with ease.

    As far as comfort goes, they’re easily as good as my prior upland boots, which all lost their water resistance after 1.5 to 2 years (and became decidedly uncomfortable after that). They’re a little heavier, but not enough that I’ve longed for lighter weight. The Vibram sole is really good.

    FYI my typical terrain is not flat but hilly and rocky with plenty of sandplum, blackberry, sharp rocks and tall grasses. The boots are a little scuffed, but I anticipate they’ll hold up better than my other leather moc-toe style boots, all of which I’ve worn the stitching out on the top of the toe after about a year to year-and-half. Lastly, I thought I’d punctured or torn them several weeks ago when I slid down a rock with a really sharp edge. I was pleasantly surprised to find only a scuff mark instead of an abrasion or puncture.

    My only gripes so far are (i) I wish they came in half sizes – I’m a Nike running shoe size 12 and these in a 12 run a little bigger than that; an 11 would be too small, but an 11.5 would’ve been perfect for me, (ii) and the gusset closures sometimes open up when I’m in really rough terrain, so I wish the closure faced rearward instead of forward.

    Long story short – yes I most certainly recommend this boot.

  5. Bill Youngstrom

    Top quality product and excellent customer service

  6. James Payne

    These are the most comfortable rubber boots on the market.

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