The Viking Neo for Men and Women

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Outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen with wider calves will appreciate the roominess of the Viking boot. The Viking is also great for people who need extra room for under-layers and thick socks. The expandable vent in the boot shaft accommodates up to 21-inches in circumference. This keeps the Viking looking neat, stylish and discreet while also allowing extra room for tucking in pant legs. Great for duck, deer, bird and turkey hunters, early season and ice fishing, dog trainers, horseback riders, and workmen.

  • 85% natural rubber resists cracking
  • Expandable top gusset is 100% waterproof
  • Accommodates up to 21″ calf circumference
  • 4mm neoprene lining in the upper for comfort and warmth with excellent ankle support
  • Stitched in 5mm neoprene footbed stays put when removing boots
  • Air-cushioned heel and forefoot add comfort
  • High-performance, non-slip, custom Vibram sole with all-terrain grip
  • Natural rubber provides better grip in slippery conditions
  • Oil resistant
  • Adjustable canvas stop strap for the perfect fit
  • Dark green with brown trim
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17 reviews for The Viking Neo for Men and Women

  1. Blaine Emery (verified owner)

    Bought these in early spring to use while fly fishing high mountain brook trout streams. I found them to be comfortable, to grip wet rocks well, to have a good shank, and to be a huge improvement over hip waders.

    As summer transitioned to fall, they were on my feet when I harvested a whitetail at 12 yards with a traditional bow. They were warm, quiet, and scent free.

    These have become my go-to boots and are already in my truck for an upcoming elk hunt at 9,000 feet.

    Thanks for a great boot.

  2. Dave Eastep (verified owner)

    I purchased the Viking Neo and have worn them about 10 times over the summer so far. I bought these boots because I wanted a comfortable, durable rubber boot that I could wear working on the land, and archery hunting. I was tired of my rubber boots only last a few years. Jack was wonderful to work with and very responsive and helpful. Since I’ve only had the boots about 6 months I cannot comment yet on the durability, but so far I am very happy with the comfort. Even wearing in the middle of the summer my feet didn’t get overly hot, and I am anxious to test them on stand this fall. The only downside I see so far is the back buckle does not stay closed all the time so they loosen up a bit, which is why I rated them at 4 stars (4.5 would be a better rating). Other than that I am very satisfied so far.

    • Jack

      Dave, try flipping the clasp so it faces backwards, not forward.

  3. Ben keppel (verified owner)

    These boots are well made and comfortable. The first boot I ordered was to small but Jack helped me out and sent me the right size. Very happy with theses boots.

  4. Jeni Roberts (verified owner)

    These boots are very well made and comfortable even in warm weather conditions. I had excellent customer service prior to my purchase when inquiring about sizing. These boots have gone many miles without a comfort issue.

  5. Holly W.

    My favorite rubber boot – more comfortable and effective than my Hunter and Le Chameau boots – they are the warmest, best fitting, and easiest to put on and take off. I use them for cold weather chores and walks. Jack is very helpful.

  6. Michael (verified owner)

    Purchased a pair of Viking Neo sized 43 EU. I’m a 10 1/2 wide width US typically. At first the width felt too tight but I decided to keep them and see how they worked out. I took them on a four hour test hike, through swamps and forests to replicate hunting conditions. The tightness I initially felt turned into snugness and I have no concerns about a proper as a result. I decided to post this for the benefit of anyone in a similar situation.

  7. Rachel Evans (verified owner)

    I love my boots! I am a field soil scientist who works in wetlands, ponds, forests, grazing lands, and cropped fields. It’s been difficult to find good women’s tall field boots that will actually do the job well and with comfort. When I described my job conditions, foot and calf size to Jack, he recommended the Viking boot. I chose the Viking Neo and these boots are working well slogging through wetlands, briars, and then over the hills, woods and pastures, to other difficult sites. I wear them all day with no foot or leg fatigue at the end of the day.

    I usually wear 2 pairs of thick wool boot socks with them since I have small feet and the smallest size was a little big. The boots fit very well, and the walking heel makes a huge difference going through rough terrain. I work in the hot humid south, but we have our cold temps as well, and my feet stay comfortable in hot and cold weather in these boots.

    Pulling them on and off has not been an issue, but they stay on very well in mucky situations. These boots are much easier than my old boots to walk in said deep muck.

    Jack gives the best customer service that I have experienced in a long while. I emailed/chatted and then he even called me to answer my questions better! He has answered every question promptly and he gave me good guidance on which type boot to select. Since then, when I have had questions on boot care or anything else, he’s replied promptly with detailed instructions.

    I have been pleased to spend my money with such great company and on such a great product. I am so happy with my Viking Neo Gumleaf boots. My only regret is that I did not buy a pair years ago. I would definitely recommend this boot!

  8. Robert Burnett /UP michigan

    Great people to deal with. Jack was super fast to respond to e-mail questions. On the spot advice about sizing and Incredible speed of delivery.

    If you want quality rubber hunting boots and great service
    This is It!!!!!!

  9. Frank P (verified owner)

    Long ago when I decided to upgrade my hunting boots I went with high end insulated leather hiking boots. They were not even close to what I was looking comfort I ended up a big fan of Rubber boots like Lacrosse and Muck. They still left my feet sore after long days and miles scouting/ hunting. I am a fan of John Eberhardt and decided to heed his advise and try these. I paired them with a think Lamalite sock. My right foot is bigger than my left and it was really tight. I emailed customer service and met Jack the owner. With his very quick responses and me sending pics of where my toes were, I decided to try and wear them in. Im glad I did. Ive hunted 15 full days so far with my last trip in Northern Maine where I was walking hills, stepping over blow downs and climbing embankments. I am amazed at the comfort of these things and the lack of soreness. The lightness and spring make walking seem easier. I had no slipping issues in steep terrain. No buyers remorse here. And the customer service is second to none with the owner Jack responding quickly to all emails.

  10. Michael Czaharynski (verified owner)

    I found Gumleaf while looking for a replacement hunting boots. After alot research, I decided on the Viking Neos. I’ve taken them for a walk through some hay fields and a few ditches to go check on my treestand and have also taken out them out duck hunting. The boots are really light and comfortable to walk in. One of the biggest differences I noticed was how easy it was to walk; the flex in the boot and their weight made it feel like walking in sneakers. I’m looking forward to using them during the upcoming hunting season and this winter in Ontario, Canada.

    The customer service was also fantastic. I really appreciated the emails and the phone call to talk about the fit for the boots and alternatives to my original order. It was extremely helpful and Jack went above and beyond what I would have expected.

  11. Ryan Palmer (verified owner)

    Very comfortable, shipping was fast and most of all the quality of this boot is incredible. I absolutely wish I found these boots before other leading brands.

  12. Michael Montini (verified owner)

    Best hunting rubber boots you can buy! Insanely comfortable. Walking is so soft compared to competing hunting boots. I do not have big calves, but wanted room to tuck in my pants and with the adjustable gusset these worked perfect. Aggressive sole so it bites well into every terrain. Also, a snug fit around the ankle and foot. Much morso than my other big name rubber boots. And most of all, I have to give a massive shout-out to Jack, the owner of gumleafusa. An absolute gentleman by all accounts. These are the kinds of brands and people we need to be supporting. I know they’re pricy especially for a rubber boot, but I know it’s going to last me years.

  13. Adam Rajala

    Excellent boots. I’ve hunted grouse and woodcock in these boots and was very impressed with there durability and comfort.

  14. Jack

    An 11 1/2 (EU45) is available now in selected styles. Thanks for your review, Rich!
    Gumleaf USA

  15. Rich H.

    I’ve had these boots for a month and taken them upland bird hunting 6 or 7 times, going at least 5 miles each time. Although I’ve hunted in temps over 70 degrees I’ve yet to find the need to take these off at midday due to the unexpected benefit of them being exceptional ‘briar boots’ compared to the normal upland boot I’ve historically worn. I’ve not had them in truly frigid conditions yet, but they’ve handled wet 25 degree weather with ease.

    As far as comfort goes, they’re easily as good as my prior upland boots, which all lost their water resistance after 1.5 to 2 years (and became decidedly uncomfortable after that). They’re a little heavier, but not enough that I’ve longed for lighter weight. The Vibram sole is really good.

    FYI my typical terrain is not flat but hilly and rocky with plenty of sandplum, blackberry, sharp rocks and tall grasses. The boots are a little scuffed, but I anticipate they’ll hold up better than my other leather moc-toe style boots, all of which I’ve worn the stitching out on the top of the toe after about a year to year-and-half. Lastly, I thought I’d punctured or torn them several weeks ago when I slid down a rock with a really sharp edge. I was pleasantly surprised to find only a scuff mark instead of an abrasion or puncture.

    My only gripes so far are (i) I wish they came in half sizes – I’m a Nike running shoe size 12 and these in a 12 run a little bigger than that; an 11 would be too small, but an 11.5 would’ve been perfect for me, (ii) and the gusset closures sometimes open up when I’m in really rough terrain, so I wish the closure faced rearward instead of forward.

    Long story short – yes I most certainly recommend this boot.

  16. Bill Youngstrom

    Top quality product and excellent customer service

  17. James Payne

    These are the most comfortable rubber boots on the market.

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