The Viking Tex for Men and Women


Outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen with wider calves will appreciate the roominess of the Viking Tex boot. The Viking Tex is also great for men who need extra room for under-layers and thick socks. The expandable vent in the boot shaft accommodates up to 21-inches in circumference. This keeps the Viking Tex looking neat, stylish and discreet while also allowing extra room for tucking in pant legs. Great for duck, deer, bird and turkey hunters, early season  and ice fishing, dog trainers, horseback riders, and workmen. (Available in Womens Sizes, too.)

  • 85% natural rubber resists cracking
  • Expandable top gusset is 100% waterproof
  • Accommodates up to 21″ calf circumference
  • Cloth lined to keep your feet cool in warmer weather
  • Stitched in 5mm neoprene footbed stays put when removing boots
  • Air-cushioned heel and forefoot add comfort
  • High-performance, non-slip, custom Vibram sole with all-terrain grip
  • Natural rubber provides better grip in slippery conditions
  • Oil resistant
  • Adjustable canvas top strap for the perfect fit
  • Dark green with brown trim
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1 review for The Viking Tex for Men and Women

  1. Stephen Lundy

    I have had these boots for 6 months. I wore them all through the summer training dogs and fishing. There are by far the most comfortable rubber boot I have ever worn tried on or anything in between. I have literally walked all day in them for 4 and 5 days straight. The sole is like a work boot and the top rubber fits tight against your foot. In deep mud the boot is very secure to your foot and does not try to come off like all the ones I have had previously. These boots are expensive but three pair pay for themselves. And the comfort is worth every penny. My next pair will be the insulated version.

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