Men's Boots

Mens Neoprene Boots


Men can be rough on boots.  Real rough.  You need boots that will stand up to harsh conditions – cold, mud, manure, silage, chemicals – all while keeping your feet comfortable and dry for hours.  Gumleaf boots are designed to provide durability and comfort so boots aren’t an expense you incur year after year after year.

Most Gumleaf styles for men are lined with 4 mm of neoprene which provides excellent insulation against cold.  For this same reason, it is also commonly found in wetsuits.  Air-filled, soft rubber chambers under the heel and forefoot provide unparalleled comfort but also insulate your foot the same way thermal pane windows use air to keep the cold on the outside and warmth on the inside.  So whether you’re up in a tree stand hunting, fishing in knee deep water, or doing chores around the farm, our men’s neoprene boots provide 100% waterproof protection from the elements while keeping your feet warm and dry.  Our cotton lined boots like our original Field Boot provide all the comfort and protection but with a cotton lined upper.  Gumleaf offers a variety of boots to meet your demanding lifestyle.

And when you’re not beating the daylights out of your boots, it’s nice to have footwear for casual occasions and unpredictable weather.  Our 85% natural rubber boots are highly resilient against tough environmental conditions yet clean up easily with just mild soap and water.

Let’s take a moment to talk about quality.  While most companies have shifted their manufacturing to Asia, Gumleaf boots are handmade in Europe.  They are made by craftsmen, not pumped out by machines. Gumleaf boots are made using 85% natural rubber.  Lesser quality boots use just 25% to 50% rubber.  The rest is plastics and synthetic material which feel stiff and can lead to cracking.  It costs more to make high rubber-content boots but they’re more durable and will provide years of service.  Inside most Gumleaf boots you’ll find linings of neoprene that are stitched into the boot, including the insole so it won’t come out when you take your foot out of the boot.   No more having to stuff that insole back into the boot only to have it bunch up under your toes or heel.  Our neoprene lined boots even include felt stitched all around the heel for durability, comfort, wear and to prevent blistering.

Even the packaging speaks to a high quality product.  These are not boots tossed into a cardboard box.  Each boot is carefully wrapped and prepared for its trip across the Atlantic.  Quality starts with the materials and manufacturing process and continues until the boots are in your hands and on your feet.